Becoming Kindred Blog

After a long while

I received a comment a few weeks ago from a lovely reader asking if I would start updating my blog again. Oddly enough, I've been feeling the blogging bug again although it feels as if I've almost forgotten how. My hiatus wasn't actually a planned event; it just sort of, happened.

Some things fit well for a season and then they just don't. I'm not sure if updating this little space of the internet still fits me but I thought I'd try again.

Meanwhile life has been full to overflowing. Most days I don't keep up but that's a lament for another time. You can see one of my big summer projects here, We rather do everything in fits and spurts so informally opening our little B&B was no exception. A call one night in June from someone wanting to rent the next night gave us the adrenaline rush that we needed to get the space ready and after that the bookings just kept coming. We've enjoyed a variety of folks from various parts of the world and I hope they've enjoyed a place of rest even amidst our sometimes crazy life.

We've seen some additions to our little farm, a whole lot of weeds have grown, we tried to naturalize our front lawn to the amusement of our neighbors, and we began painting the outside of this beautiful, rambling monstrosity that we call home. It guzzles gallons of paint insatiably.

And now Fall is almost upon us. With it comes a sense of rhythm and focus that all but disappeared over the spring and summer months. I've grand aspirations of a more scheduled and disciplined life. We'll see how that pans out, hmm?

What new happenings has your life seen this past year?

Christmas in Pictures

We had a very quiet Christmas, just our little family of five for the first time ever. It was nice, perfect for us for this year actually. I cooked way too much food though and we've a lot of turkey to eat so I'm quite certain that this won't become the norm! We didn't get the snow that the girls were dreaming about, instead we had the mildest day that we've experienced in December and so we went to the beach for a walk instead of going sledding.

Mostly I'm so grateful. Grateful for the love and life that we have. Grateful for my little family and that we get to be together.  Grateful for Jesus. Those things are the truly beautiful part of Christmas and the rest is added bits of brightness that make my heart sing a little more.

Kathleen turns Three

Our dear precocious Kathleen turned three on Sunday. The first picture is her reaction to coming down from her bed and seeing her new crown (Santa Lucia inspired). Her reaction to her entire birthday continued about the same, so happy and funny because she doesn't remember her last birthday which made everything a surprise for her.

Her highlight was by far her Bamboletta baby doll who she immediately called Baby Bunting. He is already her constant companion and it's adorable.

She also thoroughly enjoyed some handmade gifts from her sisters and the book 1 is One from Aneliese.
She tried to feed Baby Bunting some of her strawberries and whip cream panCAKE but we recommended that he was a little young for that.

Our birthday tradition is that the birthday child decorates their own cake and this year she chose some of their animal friends to help in the celebration along with some holly provided by Aneliese from our bush outside.

It was such a good day celebrating our darling girl. Happy Birthday Kathleen!