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Christmas cookies

Aneliese and I made our first cookies together and had so much fun! I made the dough while she napped and was ready to go when she woke up which meant all that we had to do was roll and cut out, bake and know the fun part. We used at sugar cookie recipe from Gluten-Free Girl and buttercream frosting. They taste pretty good although you can definitely tell there is something different...I am discovering that it comes with rice flour.

[caption id="attachment_402" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Rolling out the dough"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_403" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cutting out the cookies"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_405" align="alignright" width="300" caption="A full tray"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_406" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Decorating"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_407" align="aligncenter" width="199" caption="Lets try them now!"][/caption]

Then we got to take them to share with friends and that topped off a wonderful day. Seriously these are the moments I dreamed about as a child.