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Fun Finds!

Thanks every one for your helpful suggestions! And feel free to keep sharing more. I actually picked paint for the girls room yesterday so I felt successful. Then today we got a call that all of our appliances were in so we made a combined trip to pick them up plus to check out a salvaging place that is about 45 minutes away. I think that we made some pretty great finds coming to around 120 total. [caption id="attachment_978" align="alignnone" width="224" caption="cool green industrial/barn lights that have a massive one that I didn't take a picture of."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_977" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Industrial/barn lights that will become kitchen lighting"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_979" align="alignright" width="224" caption="glass handles."][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576" caption="We found basically this same sink for $50 and although it isn't an apron, if it doesn't work for us, I think we can sell it for more."][/caption]

And a funky vintage hardware nail scale which still works and will go well in our kitchen:).

And then some fun finds that we didn't buy but will be keeping in mind:

[caption id="attachment_980" align="alignright" width="224" caption="insulators that make cool light possibilities"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_981" align="alignright" width="224" caption="I love crates....but I already have plenty"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_982" align="alignright" width="224" caption="I would love to paint this a fun color and add it to our room...but couldn't do $30"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_983" align="alignright" width="224" caption="old metal ceiling tiles that would be great as a kitchen backsplash."][/caption]