Becoming Kindred Blog

31 days

I had planned to get Becoming Kindred up and running before October but as life happens, we are celebrating October 1st and the 1st day all in one! I’m learning to be okay with things running according to a different schedule than mine which really is a big deal for a personality such as mine.

I ‘ve been contemplating this idea of joining the 31 days of blogging challenge for the month of October. My friend Beth of Red and Honey joined last year and I so enjoyed her journey that I decided to attempt it this year. Now, I know, how on earth will I manage to blog for 31 days straight when I do well to manage one or two a week now. I’ve committed that I am not going to let this steal more time than it deserves and if it is doing so, well, I’ll just step back. I have a bit of a plan as to how I can make it work though and I am quite anticipating this challenge to both my writing brain and my choice of self control.

As you might have gathered, the idea of this challenge is that you blog for each day of October but the other part is that you choose a topic. One topic for a month?? I turned over a few ideas in my mind and actually had started on planning a couple of those. And then I got to thinking about my new blog name and it’s significance to me. I want to share over the next day the meanings behind the name but in a nutshell, Becoming Kindred is focused on finding connections and community within relationships with others, ourselves, and the created to the Creator. With that in mind, the month of October is going to be:


31 days of Becoming Kindred -- exploring and celebrating connections.

Because I’m not brave enough to attempt writing that much alone and because there is so much to be added by a collection of voices, I’ve invited a few others to join me. I’m really looking forward to hearing and sharing their words.  

We’re going to write about different ways of connecting (Becoming Kindred) in our  life journeys. Through out the month there will be thoughts on community connection, connecting with our children and spouses, connecting as women (my primary readers), and on being kindred with God. Lest you think that this will be 31 days of answers or a 31 page how to manual, let me assure you that it will be far from that. Oh some will be fun, maybe a little how-to-ish in the sharing but there will also be plenty of sharing our vulnerabilities and questions.

I also want to extend an open invitation, if this topic brings something to mind that you would just love to write about; I’d like to open up my space to you with welcome. You can email me at with a few lines of your idea and when you would like to post. Provided that it is within the overall conviction from which I write and share, that of encouraging, challenging, and learning within in the bounds of loving respect and kindness toward others, I will be glad to have you join us. You don’t need to have a blog or even be a writer. I will take care of posting and formatting.

Friends, I hope that you will join me for this next month and that we will continue on our journey of Becoming Kindred.