Becoming Kindred Blog


I am sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled program with this house blog keeping message. In the three days that I have been using this site, I have noticed a few glitches and have had some pointed out to me. So please, if something isn’t working right,  would you mind taking a minute to let me know? Here are some of the glitches brought to my attention that I think are adjusted…I don’t actually fix any technical stuff but it is really handy that I have my own personal tech guy.

  1.      The side categories should now be working correctly. They may be a little empty because the old post need to be relabeled; I am venturing to guess that I will never get to that.
  2. The format of the old posts are kind of messed up. Again, I am venturing to guess that I will never get to that either which is why for now, I will just leave This Mama up.
  3. You can subscribe via email now.
  4.   The social media (is that what they are called?) buttons should now work. So if you want to follow Becoming Kindred on facebook that is where I plan to post things that I am reading or anything little tidbits that I don’t have time to blog about. I’ll try to remember to share any new posts on there too. If you are into Pinterest, I am also on there.
  5. You will notice that I have a bookshelf. This is an affiliate program with Amazon where if you purchase a book after clicking to my bookshelf, I get a (pretty tiny) commission toward an amazon gift card.
  6.   Um, I think that is it.  

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.