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Ocean Thoughts

It will be later when you read this, but I will have written it here on the beach in the quiet of the morning. I find company in the roll of the ocean, the resting birds, and Molly. Dan suggested that I go technology free but somehow I knew my words would find voice here in the sound-filled stillness.


It’s day 6 of 31 days of blogging and I’m finding a greater challenge in these days than I had anticipated. I can’t help but wonder what I can possibly write about for the rest of the days that you, friends, will want to read about. I take comfort in knowing that most who read my words, know and love me. I trust that you care to read because you care about my life.

The type A in me says that I should have everything organized including a neat little tie in at the end to bring you back to the 31 days of Becoming Kindred. The reality is that while I have several post on the go to share in the coming weeks and some planned, I actually don’t have a clear idea of when what will be posted. It may sound like an easy out but I am really trying to listen to a quiet voice. I don’t do it perfectly; sometimes other loud voice keep clamoring and my words feel flat and dry. The truth is that the connecting of spirits doesn’t follow a three-point plan. I’m going to keep on just trying to write from my heart with the hope that if you are reading along that you see something kindred, that you receive something that adds dimension to your walk.

Today, in need of hearing, I sought the solitude of the ocean. It was right for the voice of Love is whispering words over the rolling of the waves. They are words of healing, comfort, and life. Words of promises made and promises kept. And they are for me.

This day is little Emily’s birthday. Loved by us, but never met. The daughter of my heart yet never in my arms. Each year as we mark the birth of that precious little one, I ache a little. Ache for the little girl who never came to me yet a joyous ache for a little girl who has the mother love of not one, two, but three women.  There are three women who have her life engraved on their hearts forever. Today the Promise says that that love will cover her life and that she will bless and be blessed because of it.


Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me—a prayer to the God of my life.

Do you hear the voice of the One who is Kindred today?