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31 Days of Nature Walks:Unknown Beauty (Guest Post)

{Guest Post by Dea Daniels


Our new gift-of-a-Labrador arrived within minutes of the phone call. Two unexpected events. One, the arrival of cheerand energy and a new beginning. The other, the announcement of a heartbreaking trauma; a loss forever etched in a mother’s heart.

This wasn’t the way of Wednesdays. This midweek day had become a second Saturday. A mix of play and casual work and choice. But now, a new companion within the family! Smile and cheer and focus. Yet now, my heart breaking for my Sister, my mind’s eye envisioning her Night, my heart tearing and bleeding with her body, with her beloved loss.

This post was supposed to be about bringing beauty in. We took a nature walk last week. We collected acorns and rosehips and photos. There was a plan! But today, today has not followed a plan of my own. Today has been a mystery.

But yet and now and always, we bring Beauty in…give Beauty back. Receive it. Release it. Breathe.

It turns out, mysteries are entirely suited for a walk {a breath, a prayer} within creation.

So we loaded up our gift of a puppy and I loaded up my prayers and questions and we drove to the lake-park. The sunshine turned to shadows and we felt the chill so deeply. We explored and ran and stretched. I slowed my steps and watched them burst ahead; all cheer and boy; while I captured Light and Shadow in lens and heart, and wept for my friend.



This is the draw, this is the gift. God spoke His mysterious creation into being; us and it and all around. As we live within it and suffer through it and lash against it and despise its limits, we can yet retreat into it. This is the Light. This is the Shadow.

So today, while my rosehips dry with cinnamon oil and my Sister’s womb bleeds empty and my new pup rests near boys without a clue, I breathe.

Breathe with me and with her: the light and the Love, the air which some have not, the Hope which is forever.