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31 Days of Nature Walks: Close to Home (Guest Post)

{Guest Post by Lola Brown}

This year, our summer was full.  Jammed to the absolute max.  We moved, renovated our old house, settled in to our new farm house, built fences, accumulated animals (rapidly), raised and slaughtered our food and then quickly changed gears and prepared for our homeschooling year.  

While my days usually follow somewhat of rhythm and routine, this summer was a bit of a free for all.  It was fun and exhausting.


It's fall now and day by day, meal by meal, bed time by bed time, we are gradually falling in to a bit of a rhythm that I was sure would never come, and though it's cooling down and we are lighting up our fire at night, we still spend a good portion of our day outside in the beautiful  Nova Scotia air. 


My kids still play like wild monkeys, swinging from trees and homemade zip lines and twirling around on the tire swing.  

My cheeks still glow from midday sun most days.  

Our life is a nature walk… thankfully a more orderly and less chaotic one than this summer.  

I thought I would share a video to go with my thoughts.  One that would fall under the nature walk category.  I have so many from this summer that would qualify and you can watch any of them on my vimeo page (I recommend "hay"), but I want to leave you with one in particular from a week or so ago that has the sort of nature walk feel to it that I've been craving for months.  A more settled adventure.  Always outdoors... but this time, close to home.