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A Woodland Valentine's Mantel

When we put in our wood stove in the living room, we had to take out the the 113 year old, hand carved mantel. Now, living on the east coast where everything is older that isn't so old but to this BC girl, that was crazy. It's a pretty fancy mantel too, with a big mirror and little shelves. It's also really big so originally we decided that we would sell it because we didn't really have anywhere to put it. But then I decided that I wanted just the bottom part in the dining room AND I decided to paint it. I know, I covered up a 100+ year old oak mantel. But, it's so nice to have in the dining room. It's a great place to decorate without it getting in the way of daily living so it's becoming my seasonal decorating spot.

Since this is February and of course the month to celebrate Love, it was time to take down the Christmas/Winter decor and bring on some changes. I wanted to do a Valentine's theme with a more natural, woodsy approach.

Woodland Valentine's Mantel

The girls and I were doing some crafting together and so I made this little "Love" banner.

Woodsy Love Banner

I was inspired to make birch bark hearts after seeing this felt heart tutorial by Betz White.

Curled Birch Bark Heart

Dan found this old window and it's too flimsy for use so it makes a great decor piece. The keys were all given to me by a kind old gentleman whom they always remind me of.

Keys & Hearts in old window

More birch bark hearts with candles in mason jars. And "The Greatest Thing Is Love".

Birch Bark Hearts with Text
Moss and Birch Heart

And my very favorite part; a moss heart. I was so happy with how it turned out and it was so easy! I just used a piece of cardboard to make the heart and then glued dry moss on it, turning it around the edges for a finished look. I love looking at it.

Moss heart

And then a few finishing touches. And a little secret; the pretty red jar is actually clear and is filled with colored water.

Love rocks

And that's this Valentine's mantel and the best part is using what I have to make it look pretty. 


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