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Planting a Miss Rumphius Garden


When Alice Rumphius was a little girl, she vowed that when she grew up she would travel the world and live in a house by the sea. “ There is a third thing you must do,” her grandfather told her. “ You must do something to make the world more beautiful.” Miss Rumphius fulfilled her dreams. She saw the world and returned home to live by the sea in Maine. But she wondered what she could that would make the world more beautiful.

We gave the book, ">Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, to Aneliese for her fifth birthday and she was delighted. Birthday gifts in our home are often quite simple but we try to make it special towards a current interest and development of the birthday child. We love seeing how they respond and interact with their gifts and although we have definitely had a flop or two, Miss Rumphius was most certainly not one.

You see, Miss Rumphius makes the world more beautiful by planting lupines in the rocky ground of her garden.

Today, I'm sharing a way that we can teach our children earth stewardship over at Red and Honey where I am a monthly contributor. Please join me over there to learn how to plant your own Miss Rumphius Garden.

Miss Rumphius