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Sometimes Love- Celebrating Eight Years

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Sometimes love looks like two people gazing into each others eyes; just the two of them in the world

Or sometimes love looks like a coffee date for two joined by hot chocolate for three minis


Sometimes love is like six white roses and a pair of white flip flops

While another time love is a clean bathroom and tidy bedroom


Sometimes love looks like making up after a fight

Yet sometimes love chooses not to fight because it doesn’t matter who is right


Sometimes love is a fancy dinner and all the right words

More often love gets up in the night with the fussy baby


Sometimes love flows in laughter and whispered sweet nothings

Then love also flows in tears, renewed trust, and respect


Sometimes love shouts itself to the world

And other times, love writes sentences for one set of eyes only.


Sometimes  love is the most glorious of feelings

But then love remains when feelings tell a lie


Sometimes love seems so easy

Although the love that seems the hardest is the one that is worth everything.