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31 Days of Nature Walks-Keep it Simple

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As a mama with three little ones, I know that especially in the cooler months it can be hard to get everyone dressed and out the door. We are blessed to be just yards away  from hours of exploring in our own backyard but I know for many it just isn't that easy. Perhaps you live in the city and have to walk or drive a distance get past concrete and buildings. Then too, with the official title of Nature Walk, suddenly it sounds more complicated. Add in the desire to make it educational and suddenly a nature walk doesn't happen as much.

I do love the days where the girls ask questions and when I can teach the girls about something new because I actually know the answers. If we end heading to the library or the internet to find some answers that's even more exciting. There are also days that we head out with a plan of something we are searching for or something specific that I want the girls to learn about and that is actually a very important part of how we want to home school. Many days though, what matters most is just getting outside and finding some spot that allows us to enjoy and learn from creation. Maybe it's just sitting on the steps to look at the clouds, or a bug on the sidewalk, or a rock at the edge of the forest. Maybe you don't explain anything and maybe no questions are asked. And that's okay because sometimes what is really needed is a space to breath, a moment to play, or a gaze of silent wonder. For a 22 month old, it's all about standing on a mossy rock all by herself!