I’ve gotten spoiled. Dan has a contract on graphics/photography/editing/I-don’t-know-what-else for the next month and so today was his first full day away in a of couple months. There are still three hours to go and it feels like such a long time. I definitely have appreciated how much he has done with the girls these past weeks not to mention the added help with stuff around the house. Mostly though, I just miss him. Even though he hasn’t been around all the time, I have gotten used to having minutes here and there between the various things he is working on.  Time for a little chat or a short walk or a hand with something that I have been trying to do. A brief shared smile over the cuteness of our girls. Some times it has seemed a little overwhelming and chaotic to not have the same kind of structure that Dan’s previous job gave I am realizing that his not working has made the transition of the last months much more doable. Often only he can read the desperation in my eyes or in the slight change in my tone that indicates I am unraveling.  We have been talking lately about the need to have rhythm in our daily lives to add a steadiness and moving forward that we all need and sometimes that has been lacking since our move. Dan going to work from 8 to 5 provides that rhythm but I am glad that we have this chance to figure out a different rhythm with him working from home. Now I just need to figure how to add these times when he does have work away from home into our daily dance.