I met Kimberley at a ladies retreat shortly after we moved to this little town. In the evening while we were chatting, I was working on a birthday crown for this dear friend’s little guy and Kimberley said that she would like me to make one for her little girl. She said that it should probably have lots of purple.  Now I have not met her little girl but from my few interactions with her lovely mama, I know she is special. Which means I wanted to make a special crown….with lots of purple.
This is the first crown that I have made with my great new wool felt and believe me, I will never go back to acrylic felt again even if it is made from recycled pop cans. Kimberley, I hope that you like it and that your sweet girl has a happy birthday wearing it!

I have a few more crowns slowly on the go and will be taking custom orders so if anyone is interested, you can send me a message or custom request over at my etsy shop, ChickadeeSwing. I don’t have a lot up there right now and with the transitional time that we are going through right now, I may not for a while. I am still taking custom orders though.