I was looking at a magazine that had beautiful arrangements of cut flowers and I wanted to add something pretty to my living room. This year, I don’t have a lot of flowers growing in my garden as I have in the past and I don’t want to spend money on buying cut flowers. So having been inspired by the photos in the magazine, I took a stroll through our yard to see what I could find. After clipping something here and little there, I found some jars (I always have plenty of these) and this was the arrangement I came up with.
From around my yard I found: hollyhocks, a choke cherry branch, a crab apple branch, some onion blooms, and some purple harebells (I think). I gave each their own jar which all serve other noble purposes at various times in our home and clustered them on the tray that normally serves afternoon tea. Really, I love these kinds of floral arrangements. It helped me enjoy my yard from a different perspective, helped me feel more creative, cost nothing, and brings quiet joy each time I look at it. Simple Beauty. If you are so inclined, what can you use around your house to add a unique touch?