We have been enjoying trips to our library lately and Aneliese has been loving this book, Jamberry, that we picked a few days ago. Nothing very deep, just a few words on each page about looking for berries and big bright pictures with something new to look at each time we read it. But at the back the author has a little blurb about picking berries with his grandparents and then eating them with cream and sugar. I like that part of the book so I read it to Aneliese. A couple of days ago, she told me that she would like to go pick berries and eat them with cream and sugar. So we did just that.

Raspberry picking in our back yard

Now in the book he says that they picked until their containers were full and ideally we would have done the same. However, the mosquitoes were so bad that Aneliese picked a few, ate them, took some from my bowl, ate them, and went in the house while I frantically picked just enough for us all to have some with one hand and slapped bugs with the other.

Berries and cream

After dinner we ate berries and cream together and oh just like the book promised, it was delightful!