I was so proud of myself. We were getting low on all groceries and I wanted to get fall/wintery clothing for the girls so it seemed time for a trip to the CITY.  I have been compiling a grocery  list for a couple of weeks so that I didn’t need to make another trip for a long time. I had a list of everything the girls needed. I even picked some things online to get for less at the store.  I had a plan for each store that we would go to, in order. I had a lunch for us to take along. We would get up, have breakfast, get ready and go. I had it so together.
We pulled out of our driveway just half an hour behind schedule, with a couple of stops to make. But, we were still doing great. Hey, I even remembered my green bags and a cooler. Books and stickers for Aneliese? Check. Toys for Cecily? Check. List? Check. Coupons? Check. Lunch? Check. Diaper bag? Check.

First stop, oil change while we walk to the fabric store. I need my membership card for the fabric store. No card. No card, no discount, way too expensive fabric. Not good. Then I start thinking about where my card is. In my wallet. That is at home. All my cards are in my wallet. At home. But its okay, Dan can just use his cards to pay for stuff. But wait. Costco was our main grocery place of the day and it is a long list. And I have the card.

Is the picture of how our day actually went becoming clearer? All of my organizing for a smooth and successful shopping trip and I leave my wallet??

But a few positive things are: 1. we were together 2. when I drive back tomorrow to get groceries, I will only need to go to two places. 3. the girls were great, Aneliese willingly tried on clothes even. 4. We ate at a really great place…it has golden arches…yes, Macdonalds.

Eating at Macdonalds

Right next to the drive through was the best picnic spot and we didn’t see any signs saying we couldn’t bring our own food.