It’s a new month and with it comes the start of our favorite season. I love fall, short though it may be around here. I look forward to pulling out wool sweaters, the crisp air brightening my babies cheeks and noses as we take our many walks through out the day. I am excited to stock up on squash and pumpkin in anticipation of the soups, curries and a pie or two that will be made. Apple sauce will be made and vegetables stored for winter. I always have an easier to time waking early in the fall and my body seems to regain vigor that busy summer always takes from me.
I also made a goal that would begin on September first, that is to begin my exercise program again. Lets just say it has been weak since Cecily was born. First there was C-section recovery which was long and painful at times (maybe a lot), then house selling and a wedding, then moving, then traveling, then….. I would have a week or so of consistency and then something would distrupt it even if that something was only my own laziness. I haven’t exercised once since we moved here. Not once. This isn’t to say that I am not active. Sometimes, I could feel embarrassed by how much we walk around town as if I have nothing else to do. Mostly it is just sanity saving but that is a whole other post. But I miss the specific time where I actually get my heart rate up and get sweaty. It just makes my whole day better when I work out. Okay, I also miss the good posture and the tight stomach that it gives me. Alright, maybe the firmer legs and arms too. Oh and the over all sense of being healthier.

I tried to get back into a few times over the summer but finally I just gave up although not before making the decision that I WOULD and MUST start again on September 1st. So here the day has arrived. I am ready to go. I am missing my exercise partner though. My mom and I have worked out together for the past 3 years and she is always an inspiration to keep going even when I don’t feel like it. She also was ready to laugh at my clumsiness or when my very pregnant belly got in the way. So if anyone is feeling inspired to take her place just let me know!

EDIT: I made it through day one. Now, by the time I was finished I did have one child loudly growling her protests from the high chair and the other asking me every few seconds if I was done, but I did it.
I also need to figure out what the exercises are for repairing the crater in my abdominal muscles that was created during the last months of my pregnancy with Cecily. I learned them and have forgotten them. Whether they will do any good almost nine months post pregnancy I have no idea but here’s to hoping.