It seems that at least one of our daughters have inherited her fathers sense of rhythm rather than my lack there of. I can carry a tune and even sing reasonably well. I played the piano for years. I can hear if a note is slightly off. Most of all I love music. But, I have very little sense of rhythm especially in my feet. I just can’t feel the beat. Somewhere floating around are some inappropriate dance videos that I foolishly allowed to be made during crazy college days that will attest to this. (NO I don’t want them to surface ever again.)
Anyways, Cecily already moves with the music. She moves her body up and down in perfect time. Last night, she was even tapping her little toes on the high chair. I find it completely exciting and impressive. Maybe she will even be able to dance!?!?! And she loves music, especially her daddy’s violin. Aneliese always liked music and would move too it and now dances and sings a lot, but I see in Cecily’s face the same thing that I notice with Dan. She feels it.