This has truly been a day of labor for us! I have a custom dress order that I just hadn’t been getting done so I did that first thing this morning while Dan played with the girls and did some stuff around the house. At some point, he came up with the brilliant idea that we should change our bedrooms around. Our house that we rent is an old one with  character waiting to be developed which includes hardwood hiding under the lovely carpets in almost the entire house. I am super thankful for the place that we have to live, but it hasn’t felt very homey to me (although we are happy with our living room) and the bedrooms especially have pretty much killed my creativity. I just haven’t had any ideas of how to work with them on a low budget. So they have just been a place to sleep, not a peaceful place for sweet dreams nor a place of retreat for those rare moments that Dan and I have for just the two us.
There are two bedrooms on the main floor that we have been using and then two upstairs. One has been Dan’s studio/office and the other one, well, it has been used for not much other than to hold Aneliese’s little house that we made her that she plays in rarely now because it is up there. So Dan’s idea was that we should move up there for the winter. His thought was that it would be cozier, use the furnace less at night because the heat really rises up there AND the one room has the beautiful old hardwood uncovered. So my darling husband spent the morning and part of the afternoon putting our room together up there.  It is lovely. It is simple and he used all stuff that we already have and I love it. I took a nap up there curled up on our bed. The sun was shining on me through the window and I could feel the breeze while I had peaceful dreams. I felt so loved.

Together we worked on the girls room and it is really coming together too. Aneliese is excited that she gets to sleep up there.And the other thing that I am excited about is that now, the girls old bedroom will become a play room. I prefer for bedrooms not to be a play place and so most of the toys are in our living room but kids still have so much fun going into their room. So this way, we can take the door off, set up a reading corner, the art supplies and the toy chest. It is funny how such a simple thing can make this seem so much more like home.