I have been looking through pictures, mostly because I want to make photo books for each of the girls, and I am amazed at how life has changed. Right from the beginning of our marriage, we wanted children, quite a few. Given my medical history, that was not going to simple or quick. Fast forward a couple of years to see us excitedly preparing for a little one through adoption. Hours of pumping, herbs, teas and pills to bring in my milk. I was just telling some one that I would occasionally buy something in anticipation as I didn’t have the blossoming body to remind me of the child that I was awaiting. Then came that odd/unbelievable/amazing day that I realized that my body was in fact carrying a small child, our child. My crazy body that had never “worked” quite right was growing our baby. And then she was born. And I cried. And the same Dr who told me as a young teen that I couldn’t conceive children, celebrated with me. And the story continues. As I look at the pictures, I can hardly believe it is me. That these little girls are mine. Amazing. Truly.