Aneliese always likes to have a snack right after nap, usually frozen blueberries, and today she thought corn would taste good. So we made popcorn. Today seemed special so I decided to make a treat for her. I have made homemade kettle corn a few times now and it has been really good but today I decided to switch it up a bit using maple sugar. I had never had maple sugar and had always wondered what it was like. Then on Saturday we went a farmers market so that Dan could busk with his violin and I met a man who brings it from Quebec. It is tasty.
As a result Aneliese and her baby enjoyed their after nap snack and I thought the idea was worth sharing!

Maple Kettle Corn

Heat a little oil in the bottom of a pot on med/high heat. Add about three kernels and cover. Once they pop, the pot is hot enough to add the rest. Cover the bottom of the pan with kernels (that usually fills the pot) and cover.  Keep the pot moving so that the popcorn doesn’t burn. Once the kernels start popping, add the maple sugar (I used about 1 1/2 tbs max for 1/2 c. kernels) and cover. Keep the pot moving until all is popped. Pour in bowl and shake some salt over it while still very hot. Drizzle a little butter on it and toss.

We enjoyed ours with a cup of homemade hot cocoa.