Dear Emily,
Today is your third birthday and you have been on my mind a lot today. I never met you but I waited for you oh so eagerly. I fell in love with you the instant that I heard your story. I longed for this day three years ago, the day that I would hold you in my arms and yet….I know that you are where you should be. I hope that you are growing strong and healthy. That you are loved completely. I know that you are. I hope you have siblings by now and that you are a great big sister. I hope that you have been blessed with all that your birth mama desired for you. Emily, I don’t think that I will ever meet you, but I pray that as you grow and have questions about who you are and where you came from, that there will be no question in your mind that you are beloved and never a mistake. I know that your birth mama loved you so much and I know that she chose a family who loved you. And here is another family who loves you from a distance. There is a place in our hearts especially for you.

Happy Birthday little one.