She was my very first friend in Bible college. Our dorm rooms were right next to each others.  She a freshman right out of high school and I a transfer student. B was happy, carefree and ready to be friends with every one. I took life far too seriously. She showed me that staying up way too late, playing dice and eating popcorn, could be a lot of fun if done with a group of sweet, amazing girls. I woke her most mornings so that she wouldn’t be late for chapel. When graduation came, we had formed a deep and lasting friendship, she and I with the mentioned group of sweet girls.
Now we both have our little families, live hours apart and so rarely see each other. These days, we live just a little bit closer and so this past thanksgiving weekend, we drove to visit Britt and her family. I don’t think our husbands had time for more than five words for the first few hours. We talked about each others lives, our dreams, kids, struggles, joys, plans, and memories. And it was so beautiful. I love those friendships where you can just pick up where you left off. Where it is so easy to show your heart. To love and be loved. To accept and be accepted. To encourage and be encourage. To speak and to listen.

If my thankful cup weren’t already overflowing; witnessing our little girls play together would be enough send it spilling.