I have a brief time of quiet while my girls enjoy the sunshine with their daddy. And this is my time to use for facebook, blogging or emailing, although oddly I don’t treasure it like I did last week. In our continual desire to have rhythm and purposeful living in our days, I decided anew that I would have specific time set aside for internet usage. There are some inconveniences as I can’t just go look up a recipe or immediately find an answer to a question that I might have. I have also missed a couple of messages…which I like the least. But, as I have found in the past, the positives how far outweighed those things. I have again begun to shift my priorities back where they belong. It is good for me not to just quickly check to see if I have new emails or custom orders or if my friends have updated their blogs or if a new baby has been born. They are all such great things and they will continue to be great things even if I don’t know RIGHT now. Unlike so many things that won’t keep, they will. It might seem comical, but it is really hard for me to get to this place.
Slowly, slowly…I continue to grow into the person that I was made to be. Even if so often it feels like two steps backwards all the time. Do I sound like a broken record yet? Or I am the only one who sees the common thread in most of my posts?:)

My eye is on the clock and I will stop at the appointed time. I will. stop.