Our rented house has become home. I still haven’t gotten everything unpacked. I likely will not get everything unpacked before we move again but, there are spots that I absolutely love. These pictures are of some of my favorite spots. I hope to share a few more pictures of other favorite spots such as Aneliese’s chalk board table, but for now here is one place. 
Not only is this room cheerful and cozy, but everything in it has a story. Our bed is made from an old door, thought up by me and created by a dear old eighty-four year old man who spent hours getting it just right for us, he wouldn’t have called it such but it was a gift of love. The wash stand turned dresser came from Dan’s Opa’s farm, I think there is even still a little mud on the wheels. The chair, one from my childhood, it belonged to my gramma and it was the one my brother Mike always insisted on using when at home. The coat rack, made by Dan from old pellets from my dad’s equipment yard and old door knobs we collected. Dan found the old frame the day after Aneliese was born and turned it into a mirror. Our wedding picture with our vows that we wrote.  Pine cones that we collected on our many drives way up into the mountains.

I love stories and history and I love feeling connected to the past so that makes our room more special to me. The story continues with the afternoon that my love spent putting it together while I was doing something else. He knew that I really wanted our room to be peaceful and warm so his I love you that day was to do this for me.