I sat down planning to write, but was distracted by reading other people’s blogs. Oops. That is not what this half an hour mid week is for. But, oh I enjoyed it. My house is much tidier this week as a result of not using the computer….but I still feel overwhelmed by much of life.
Had an old friend and a new friend with their sweet children over for a tea party and it was lovely. Aneliese loves visitors and really doesn’t like them to leave. I think that maybe she gets it from her mama. Sometimes it is like watching a little me as she interacts with others. Loving being with people but not usually very outgoing or confident.

I am starting to feel nervous about the long cold days of winter ahead. I always loved winters in this little town, but I was a college student, not the mama of two small children. What will we do if we can’t take multiple long walks in a day? Plan many tea parties and play dates perhaps?

Dan’s mom is coming to visit tomorrow and she has one very excited little grand daughter. My mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago (thanks Air Canada seat sales) and Aneliese intends to share all the same experiences with Gramma Helen. She even took the initiative to get her room ready for her!

I am feeling antsy for the future. Mostly I just want to know when and where I can “settle”. Meaning living in a place for an undefined period of time as opposed to temporarily until we head some where else.

As long as I am with them, I am home.