Yesterday was Halloween but we didn’t really think much about it until the day before. Others have been conversing on their blogs with thoughts on the day and I have found it really interesting to hear the different thoughts. It has expanded my own thoughts for sure. While I’m not much of a halloween girl in that I find masks frightening and I don’t really enjoy passing out treats that are high in corn syrup, artificial flavorings and coloring, I am not really going to get deep into my thoughts on here.  I do like that it is a chance to meet neighbors and build community in way that so often seems forced and awkward at other times. Most of the lights on our street were out though and we were invited to our favorite tea house here in town.  So we dressed our girls up in their finest and went out for dinner.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Orphan Annie

Maybe next year, what I would really like to do will be possible; like to have a bonfire and have hot drinks or some kind of come and go party. See, I don’t really want to take the girls trick or treating, but I don’t want to turn out the lights and go to the basement either. I don’t want the division of “us versus them”. Not for my kids nor in my heart. I want to be part of my community and share in the life that happens within it. Even if community happens in a way that I wouldn’t exactly choose (ie. scary masks), I still want find ways to take part. In the meantime, I enjoyed my girls in their “costumes”.