Cecily reached the eleven month mark on Sunday and so I thought that I would write a little about my precious girl. This picture describes her very well as she is rarely without that expression of complete enjoyment of whatever she is doing.

I try to jot down things that stand out to me during the month so I will just share them point form:

– She is now getting all over the place, either by crawling or moving around on the furniture. And she loves to explore! There are new things to see every where and the more danger involved the more fun it seems. She often stresses Aneliese out with her unsafe choices. The stairs are particularly tempting.

– She gives amazing hugs. I love those chubby little arms around my neck as her soft and pats the back of my neck.

– New words that she says regularly, “gentle” “don’t” “uh-oh” “hi” “hello” “hey” and of course mama and dada.

– She loves playing and will play for a long time with Aneliese (their favorite game is peekaboo on the coffee table) or alone. She has discovered books and will sit pointing at things on the pages and babbling. She also has to be watched because she like tearing pages (this is new for me).

– She is very mischievous and already will tease.

– She has quickly learned things that she isn’t allowed to do and tries to do them any way. This includes finding numerous little things in her mouth. Yesterday, she found a penny, stuck it in her mouth, looked at me and smirked, and booked it away as fast as she could crawl. She will also stand on tip toe and try to pull things down.

– She really is very resillient and it takes a lot for her to cry or get upset but once she gets going, big tears stream and the little bottom lip quivers. She will also tell you all about the injustice in words only she can understands.

Mostly she just amazes me with her sweetness. I think that if I had to choose a word for her, I would go back and forth between joy and sparkle. Joy because she brings it to us continually and other as well. Sparkle because that is what she does from the moment she calls from her bed in the morningĀ  until she finally snuggles into sleep at night.