It seems everything comes all at once. I booked a table at a few local Christmas markets to sell from ChickadeeSwing and I have been sewing a little here and a little there when I can, but not really being too worried about it. And then we started to talk about moving, make that the ninth time in five years in case any one wants to count, and I started to feel a little more pressured. And then the move become for sure, only across town mind you, but still a task. So then I decided that I better get sewing although not before making a list of items on the go. Dan took today with the kids and I sewed my little heart out. Turns out with a little finishing here and a little touch there, I actually have quite a bit ready!
So here is a little sneak peak. Some stuff has made it to Etsy and more will in the next few days, but I just have to share here. I really am excited. Especially about the upcycled skirt! It may get its own post soon, it is just that fun!

Upcyled wool sweater Skirt. Love it!!

Boiled wool flower headband

Duiponi Silk Scraps hair clip

Little Plaid wool jumper

wool felt birdy clip