We have many interesting conversations around our house, a given when raising small children I think. Aneliese tends to get interested in one topic and than that is something we talk about a lot for several days. This week, it is babies. Everything about babies. At first she didn’t believe that she was ever inside me, then she figured she must have been in Daddy’s tummy. Then she decided that she wanted back in my belly. Finally, we got it figured out that wasn’t going to work and so she started pretending her baby was in her tummy. She gave birth several times today, always with great celebration afterwards.

Mostly, I love the conversations and I find it pretty funny. And then I start wondering, what is she going to ask next. And what will I tell her. And how do I give her information that is age appropriate, when I’m not even sure what is.  She has already caught me off guard a couple of times already and I don’t think I always come out with the best answers. But, at least I always know that she will ask again a couple of times for sure.

Anyways, thankfully, to this point she seems to get that she isn’t to have these conversations with other people but please, don’t be offend if she decides that it is time for her baby to be born while you are present:).