Cecily and I were just enjoying some play time while big sister has a early much needed nap and I was struck once again by a thought that I have every so often. How blessed I am when my children look into my eyes.  The prolonged gaze of a small baby suckling, the happy glance of a smiling child, the mutinous or repentant (depending where we are in the situation) look of a determined 2 1/2 year old. They all are part of forming a connection, a bond. That early gaze was crucial to drawing my little girls into my heart, the happy glance to continue the journey of enjoying my children, the mutinous or repentant look establishing a relationship of consistency, love and discipline.  I will never forget working with parents who longed to have that with their little ones, who struggled daily to make connections without that and where even a brief glance was a call for celebration.
Today as I looked into Cecily’s beautiful blues, I was overwhelmed with love once again and I realized that I want to make the most of that blessing. I often tell Aneliese to look into my eyes when I have an instruction to give her or when I want obedience. I know that when we are actually focusing and looking at each other, discipline becomes an act of love.  I want make sure that I also have them look into my eyes when I express my love for them or their value. That I allow them to see my heart when they look into my eyes; my heart that loves them deeply and believes in them and who they will become. That they will see my joy in being their mama.