I find myself feeling jealous of others in the blogging world during this advent season.  I see warm cozy pictures of candles, books and meaningful activities and that is what I want. I don’t want a chaotic house filled with boxes from yet another move. I am longing for quiet moments to reflect and remember. I want hope, peace, joy and love to be more than words on a card or ornament. I want to pass on the gift of Advent to my children.
And I can’t help but be deeply convicted that I am missing it altogether. Yes we have done away with the mad shopping, baking and spending. But, I have replaced it.  In my desire for a warm, cozy picture perfect Advent, I have yet again forgotten the why of Advent.  What use is it to tell my children about the Hope that is there for them if I am hopeless all day?  Who wants Peace if I refuse to work peacefully with my husband on emptying boxes that we mutually decided to pack together? What good is Love shared with others if I can’t allow it to fill my home? And how can we embrace Joy if I cannot find joy in the season that I have been given?

And so if the remainder of Advent is spent surrounded by boxes, with crooked makeshift advent candles and simple readings but our hearts are changed then this is best, though not easy. I have been reminded that these are the very reasons that the Advent occurred.