I admit it, I am fighting a really bad attitude today. And I wonder where my girl learns it so well.  What I want to do is talk about the things that are worrying me, that are stressing me out, that are making me sad, angry, tired etc. However, that isn’t really the place that I want to stay. I actually want to think about the many things that I have be thankful for. Most of which I have been griping about in some way.
1. A home that is warm and fills all of our present needs.

2. A fridge that stays cold (even if it sounds like a siren is going off every time that it kicks in.) and holds plenty of food.

3. Storage space to hold the belongs that we have been blessed with as well as the boxes that are slowly being emptied.

4. A couch to sit on while reading stories to my babies.

5. Warm clothing for all of us.

6. A husband with the ability and desire to provide for us, who never ceases to come up with creative ways of doing just that.

7. A skilled nurse who could find a little girl’s oh so tiny vein on the first try.

8. An ever growing awareness of the world around me.

9. Friends who encourage and challenge me.

10. Love

11. The ability to provide enough milk to fill my baby’s tummy.