On this night one year ago, we went to bed early. I was tired and feeling very pregnant but still weeks away from giving birth. Little did I know that shortly after mid-night, we would be making the fastest trip to the city that we had ever taken. A medical team was waiting for us to arrive and began to prep us for the ceasarean birth of our little one. I had dreaded this and yet as we moved to the surgery room, I experienced such peace, such joy. I was surrounded by women, an obstetrician, my midwife, three nurses including one special woman who had come specifically to help with our birth. They commented multiple times on our calmness and excitement. I felt them celebrating with us. Our precious baby girl exited my body to the sound of her daddy’s voice singing. I won’t lie, the pain was not fun. I felt much of what was going on and my head felt like it was going to explode. However, despite the bright hospital lights and the less than natural way that I gave birth, the room seemed to be filled with soft glow. I sensed His presence. As my little girl was placed in my arms, tears flowed and I felt healing and joy. I fell so in love with that tiny, tiny little bundle. Cecily Jane.
She is not so tiny any more. And she still brings so much joy. She and her sister complete our family. A happy smile rarely leaves her face and I am always amazed at how affectionate she is. She loves to explore….everything. So many things seem to find their way into her mouth, that is everything except food. She also enjoys playing and teasing. She gets a mischievous glint in her eyes that is oh so much like her daddy. We also love how much she loves to cuddle. Such big hugs for a little girl (and she is also starting to say “I love you”).

Happy Birthday precious girl, may you continue to spread joy to others and may you be loved for the wonderful gift that you are.