It is a day for celebrating! Our little girl has no idea really that it is her birthday but her big sister has been enjoying it. Because we are all still recovering from several days of cold/flu, we decided not to have Cecily’s little party until tomorrow, but the banner went up today. And we have already sung Happy Birthday a couple of times with more to come I am sure. Aneliese also feels that Cecily needs her own special crown…we’ll see.
We are also celebrating feeling better. It really hasn’t been anything major, but the girls especially have been feeling pretty miserable and finally seem to be on the mend. Probably helped by the fact that we are more settled again and not dragging them back and forth as we were while moving.

Also celebrating because Aneliese had to have some blood tests done for some potentially challenging things. But, they all came back clear!! For this we are very, very thankful. I can’t really even explain how much.

Anyways, carrying on with our family tradition of giving a gift to another to celebrate another year of life, I am going to do a gift giving on my blog. Eventually, as our girls grow older this will change and they will share a gift with others on their day but since they are still too little, I will enjoy it for them.   I was trying to think of an appropriate gift to celebrate a one year old and couldn’t help but turn back to my sewing;). I also know that most of my readers have small children.  So the gift today is either a little boy’s bow tie or a little girl’s flower head band or hair clip.

So just leave a comment saying which you would like and on Thursday(simply because I won’t get to it before then), Miss Cecily will help me draw a name and then we will send it to you on Monday. Thanks for celebrating with us!