I wish that I could give an accurate depiction of what our advent happenings looked like. Every time I write about, it sounds either very dry and ritualistic to me or like this perfectly planned every thing goes right thing. It is really neither. For one, we aren’t that organized. For two, we kind of fly by the seat of our pants with most things. Thirdly, we have small children who may or may not want to do any given thing at any give time. Some activities I planned ahead, some happened spur of the moment. Sometimes, like this morning, we pushed aside the stuff filling the table and did our readings, singing and candle lighting together. Other nights, it was planned out (once). We were able to share an abbreviated version with friends for Cecily’s birthay. Sometimes Aneliese requested that we do it one, two, three more times. There are times when it seems kind of stilted and awkward, yet others when it seems very fluid and natural. But it has still been so meaningful for me at least, and I hope for the rest of my little family. Life has just been too crazy these past days for me to sit down and blog about the week of peace, but I feel like I committed at least to myself that I would write about each week. This is partially for others to read and partially for myself. So here is a little recap.
We set up our nativity, minus the wise men who will enter the scene on Epiphany, and talked about the story and each character. We read Listen to the Wind and learned about the pennies for peace program. Our tree went up this week. We read together and sang Silent Night(just because). We lit the candle of hope and of peace. We started a jar for the Freedom Network This was inspired by Listen to the Wind and Pennies for Peace. We just decided that we wanted to start our jar of change for the Dalits in India and Aneliese would like to know each child’s name that our little jar of change will go to. We shared some of what we have with some of our neighbors(Aneliese is waiting for them to fill their tummies). We struggled for peace in our home as we waded through some intense days of a two year old refusing to eat and throwing fits. We enjoyed watching our daughters at peace with each other in play. Our candles on our wreath only fell over a few times and maybe next year we will change from melting the beeswax on the bottom of the candle and sticking it to the plate! Peace is growing in our hearts.

And now we are moving into the week of Joy. And that is another blog!

* I first learned of the Pennies for Peace project here and thought it was a great idea. We chose to do a similar thing for the freedom network because we know more about it and from what we know really like what it stands for and there is a bit more of a personal connection.

* These are this weeks scriptures:

Sunday: Isaiah 11:1-10, Psalm 72:1-7,  Romans 15:4-13 Monday: Luke 1:18-20 Tuesday: Isaiah 40:27-31 Wednesday: Luke 1:5-20 Thursday: Luke 1:21-25  Friday: Romans 8:18-25 Saturday: Galations 5:2-6