I woke up this morning hearing happy voices coming from the kitchen and as I left the bedroom, I was greeted by a little voice, “Mama, it’s your birthday today!” and “come, we have something red for you in the kitchen.” Dan planned that I would have breakfast in bed but Aneliese couldn’t wait. It was a beautiful start to the day!
It seems like I just did a give-away but just because my daughter and I have birthdays with in a few days of each other does not mean that I will let go of my chance to give a gift on my birthday! Today is not a ChickadeeSwing give-away day although I really enjoy those too. Today’s treats are a little reflection of a few of the things that I really enjoy and want to share with others.

1. I love going to the Tea House for tea and a scrumptious dessert. The lovely owner Karyn suggested this tea to me on one of our visits and it has been my choice ever since, although she has a new one that I will need to try next time.

Cream Earl Grey Tea

Sense and Sensibility

2. I have always loved to read and although I don’t get as much time for it anymore, I still choose it as a great way to relax (especially with a cup of tea….in a tea cup!). This book is pre-loved and from my library.










Felted Acorn Ornament

3.Ā  Finally,Ā  I have just begun to discover how much fun wool felting is. We are working on Aneliese’sĀ  Christmas present and after being inspired by my artistic new friend Kiko I decided to make this little ornament.

Acorn close-up (It really is cute:)









So here is a little glimpse of a few simple pleasures in my life and some time tomorrow morning I will choose a winner from the comments….maybe to whoever makes the sweetest comment. Okay, just kidding! I will draw a random name. Don’t worry about where you are from, I am happy to send it!