It was a lovely day yesterday. My something red was a little electric stove to warm our kitchen and it is a very happy color! My sweet husband spent the day at home with us and gave me all of his time. (He is actually great at doing this stuff all the time) He tidied and cleaned, made breakfast, played with the kids, talked and encouraged me, helped get the girls down for their naps, sneaked in making a couple of cakes while I was over having tea with Sadie, took us out for supper and then had planned a little surprise party with dear friends when we got home. It was all very lovely and I felt so blessed.
This morning, Dan and Aneliese did the honors of drawing a name for the gift away. Aneliese is really getting quite good at it! And so cute:)


And the winner is Cristalee

Thanks everyone for sharing in my birthday with me!