Wow it has been a busy last 24 hours! I have been working to finish up the last of our gifts and the girls’ stockings, cleaning and doing laundry, being horrified by disturbing content on Etsy, sending multiple emails to Etsy, trying to get others to write emails to Etsy, closing down my Etsy store……you get the picture.
So first the stockings. I have been wanting to make the girls stockings and just hadn’t got around to it. Last year Aneliese just used one of Daddy’s wool socks and Cecily had a wee stocking that fell apart the first use. I had some previously felted wool sweaters in my sewing room that I have had different plans for, but when I looked at them a couple of days ago, I just knew they were calling to be made into stockings.  They were super easy and turned out really well. I know that you can find instructions elsewhere too but I thought I would share a quick demo through pictures with the end results.

Needle felting the tree

cover with hot water

Martha Stewart has a good basic stocking template that I used with some modifications but I am sure that you could also draw your own. Of course I had to include my newest crafting love, needle felting.

add some soap

gently rub until felted

After felting, hang the stocking to dry. Sew together and enjoy the finished product!

The finished stocking

The other one with little felted balls

We are off to enjoy Christmas with our family!

Merry Christmas all!