We arrived home tonight from our Christmas time in BC with my family. Dan always says that its good to leave places wanting more and I was feeling that way. I felt like I just didn’t have quite enough time to visit as I needed. I was torn between wanting to get just a little more time in with my siblings and a game of scrabble with my mom while knowing that the girls were getting tired and that we needed some time here at home this week. As I was laying in bed processing the last few days (hence why I am not sleeping), I was struck again by the thought that I LOVE my family. Sometimes it can be challenging to be part of such a large family and it can feel like there is a lack of connectedness especially now with living farther away. I have learned to hug my sisters like I don’t want to let go and I like that my crazy laugh sounds the same as theirs. I love being kissed on the cheek by my big brother and it is worth it to wait for a couple of hours for a little brother who underestimated the time. I am glad that Aneliese can’t wait to go to Gramma’s house and that she wants to know exactly where Papa is going and what he is doing and when he will be back. I am learning to be much freer with I love you’s.
Yes, I left wanting more.