Thanks to a sweet gift from a dear friend, I was able to buy some crafty treats. Of course with my recent felting obsession, I knew exactly where I wanted to spend it! Yesterday was Dan’s last day of holidays and so we decided to take a little field trip to the Custom Woolen Mills.
Aneliese of course had many questions about where we were going and conveniently was wearing a handmade wool sweater.  And we had recently read Pelle’s New Suit by Elsa Beskow which goes through the whole process. So in her two year old fashion, she was excited! Me too!

This is a working museum!









I now have several bags of wool and many needles just waiting for me and friends to felt all kinds of fun things!

I have been wanting to put up a tutorial on here on how to felt a ball but I keep forgetting to take a complete set of pictures. I do have a draft about halfway finished…maybe next blog day. For now here are some pictures to encourage you that it really easy and fun!

Little Mushrooms...oh I have plans for some more of these sweet things

Inspired by Aneliese

My first success

And I admit I have several partially finished projects waiting for the right time, but that it one of the beauties of this new found love, it is so much easier to clean up than sewing! If you live near me, really you are welcome to join me…I have plenty.