Gossip. It is such a small word for such a powerful action. As a noun it is “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports of other people.”  My personally written dictionary calls it “sharing information that I didn’t need to share”. I’d like to say that I never indulge in it. But, if that were true, I would never be writing this. I did it today.  I shared information that I didn’t need to. Afterwards, two little voices warred within. The first one said, “its okay, you didn’t give details.” And “you only shared with a close friend” “It was really only a little thing” But the other one spoke louder, “ She didn’t need to know, you have no excuse.”
I think that the choice to share unneeded information comes from several reasons. One, It gives me something to talk about.  Two, I have annoyance or frustration that I want (not need) to voice. Three, somehow it gives me this fleeting feeling of (false) self worth. This afternoon as I thought with regret of my choice of words, I am reminded of some other potent words. They are “be slow to speak”, “Whatever is lovely…”, and “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say anything at all”. These are life words, words that I would do well to never leave home without.