I discovered that I am charting new territory with these little felted wool finger puppets! I looked every where and couldn’t find any pictures or explanations on how to make finger puppets completely out of wool roving. Martha Stewart has one using craft felt for the face but that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. These are a little rough around the edges, but as I was asked a couple of days ago, ” Do you want it to look like it just came out of a factory?”

Barnyard Friends

These went to become friends with a sweet little just turned two year old. We had planned to pair it with Aneliese’s favorite farm book, The Jolly Barnyard, but that was sold out so we chose another that she also loves and has memorized, Big Red Barn.  As Aneliese loved these ones, I told her that we would make more soon and so there will be a bit of a tutorial coming once I take some pictures of the making process.