We have never really been hugely into Valentines day, sometimes we do something, other times we don’t. But, when I was trying desperately to make time go faster while waiting for Aneliese to be born, I came up with something special to celebrate and plan for each month of waiting. And so the whole month of celebrating love began for me.

For this month of love, one of the things that I like to do is decorate with home made things. And even better to do it with one that I love so very much! We made wool felted hearts but you could use paper, or fabric, or craft felt or many other things as well. I free handed most of them but I also tried putting the wool inside a cookie cutter and needle felting it before wet felting and that worked really well too! More ideas to come and not all felting!

making hearts with my girl

Needle and wet felted hearts

Heart garland for the entry