There was interest expressed in what kind of home made cleaners I used and so I thought that I would share a couple of my favorites. They are nothing fancy, but I find that they work well, are cost effective, better for us and the environment, and are easy to make.
All-Purpose Cleaner

1/2  Water

1/2  Vinegar

1/2 cup Lemon Juice

1o drops Tea Tree Oil

10 drops Lavendar

Mix in a 1 liter spray bottle. Give a little shake before using. I use this for everything, floors, bathroom, toilet, disinfecting door handles, etc. I just use it full strength when wiping down and add some to the bucket when washing floors. Both lavendar and tea tree are disinfectants. I have heard that vinegar can eat tile so when I had tile floors, I didn’t use this. I just added a little lemon or some tea tree oil to the floor water.

Drain cleaner

1 c. Vinegar

1/2 cup baking soda or washing soda (more abrasive than washing soda)

1 large pot boiling water

Pour the baking soda down the drain first, then the vinegar, quickly following with the boiling water. Once it has was down, run some hot water for a few minutes. I do this probably ever couple of months maybe a little less and keeps my drains all clear!

Lavendar Coconut/Beeswax Salve

I had a pure beeswax candle end that I wasn’t sure what to do with and as I had run out of lotion, and thanks to this great blog, healthhomehappy, I decided to try a concoction.

about 2 inches of a round beeswax candle, 2 c. coconut oil, 5 ish drops of lavendar. Melt the wax and coconut oil on a low heat.

Melting Beeswax and Coconut

It must be low so as not to damage the important properties of the coconut. Once melted, add the lavendar drops (or whatever essential oil you like) and stir. Pour into containers and cool. I have been using it and loving it on my hands that are feeling the effects of the cold, dry weather and wet felting wool, on Cecily’s (mild) diaper rash, and I know it will come in handy for scratches and such. It is firm, yet smooths nicely onto the skin.

Finished Product

I use just plain coconut oil on my face and neck after my lavender, oatmeal scrub every morning, but while I love that it just disappears into my skin on my face, I wasn’t finding it enough for my hands. I made it with just a wispy lavender scent which I really enjoy.

Which brings me to the give-away…to celebrate the month of LOVE! I made an extra thing of salve that I want to share.



So leave a comment….about…I don’t know, maybe your favorite natural(doesn’t need to be homemade) product or a cleaner that you use or a scent that you love. Anything really! I will draw a name some time in the next couple of days.