Dare I admit? I have a strong dislike for exercising or working out (which ever you like to call it). I hear some people say how much they love it and I just don’t get it. I just don’t see the thrill in lifting weights, doing cardio, or core toning exercises. I get bored. I have mentioned before that I am not so coordinated, much less graceful. My family likes to recall how I could never manage to get from one end of our house to the other without bumping into something/some one or tripping over any given object that had been in the same place for years. I still discover bruises that I must have gotten from bumping something. In sports, I usually provided the comic relief (for both teams), although I will maintain that I still got the job done. This is just an explanation of why I prefer not to go to the gym with others.
I do however love to be active. Give me a sidewalk to shovel, some water to pack to horses or a garden to weed and I will get to it. Even in the really cold weather, I bundle up the girls and go for a walk. However, it only snows every so often, I don’t have a horse, and the ground is too covered in snow even for weeds. And short walks like I can do with the girls in the cold don’t cut it. So I have to work out for a couple of reasons.

Yes, I want to be fit and healthy but even more specifically I have really bad posture. It is an inherited thing and I have slouched since I was little. My back is naturally rounded and I think that I look a lot shorter than I actually am. My family has always tried to help me, my dad’s hand gently pressing the middle of my back, my mom’s quiet “stand straight” or my sister’s humorously dramatic large eyes and pulling back her shoulders. It has always helped a lot but still the issue is that my core just needs to be stronger. I also get terribly sore, restless legs at night because my muscles tighten up. And basic activity has never helped these things. So, I watch a video and do exercises. I feel great after and now that I have gotten consistent again, I am stronger, have more energy, my posture is greatly improved and I sleep better. It is so worth the effort. Yet I still find it hard to find motivation. I still get bored. I have to set goals for myself with rewards at each goal met.

What I am wondering is…for those of you who love working out for working out sake, what is it that you love? Do you have suggestions on how to make it easier to find the motivation? On how to keep from getting bored? I would love to hear any thoughts.