Yesterday, because we were away on Valentines, we spent the day “celebrating Love”.  We started off our day with strawberries and whip cream on pancakes and later in the morning went for a tea party at the Tea House. The evening brought a special treat of Aneliese and Cecily spending some time with Auntie Sadie and her family while Dan and I went on a date. We laughed and talked, mostly about our dreams and fears for our upcoming move. These times with just the two of us are pretty rare and I am okay with that but I love having the chance to just be the two of us for a short time. My husband truly is perfect for me. Notice that I didn’t say perfect and he would be the first to agree. I so admire him for the man that he is. For the way that he chooses to live. For the way that he want to grow. And for how he shows his love for me in so many ways. Sometimes by quietly picking up the slack of where I left off in the day simply because he sees the tiredness in my eyes. Or by encouraging me to write a list of what I need to do each day so that I don’t feel discouraged at the end of the day by all that I didn’t accomplish. By recognizing when I haven’t gotten my daily quota of words with an adult. And yet his love for me doesn’t stop him from encouraging me to grow in my strengths as well as my weak areas.
Any one who knows Dan will quickly learn that he likes to tease. And if you know me, then you know that I am very sensitive, ridiculously so at times. That combo can’t help but go awry at times. And yet his gentle teasing has helped me to laugh at myself while still feeling free to let him know when he has taken it too far. And his humility has done much to soften my response, not only to him but to others.

As we spent our quiet hour together last night, I knew why I am so ready to pack up everything and move one more time. Because I am secure in knowing that we are in this together. That I don’t fight my fears alone, nor are my dreams just my own. Because I know that the One to whom we belong does not leave us. And because of that, we take our next step of the journey.