I realized a couple of days ago that I have been writing this blog for one year today.  This was my first post. I had wondered if I would regret starting this blog and one year later, I am glad that I did. It has helped me process a lot and I have connected with people that I might otherwise not have. I have been encouraged and I hope that I have encouraged others.
Of course I have to celebrate this occasion with a give-away. Actually, I had decided to do this already before I realized that I had been writing for a year but that is not the point. I have been told that it is sad to never win a give-away so I decided to do one where everyone wins. My dear friend gifted me with a jar full of little acorn caps and I made a bunch of these little guys. I think they are pretty fun.

Felted Acorns

Until tomorrow evening if you would like one, just leave a comment sharing what creative outlet you have. Now, before you think, “but, I’m not crafty.”, let me just say that I have friends whose creativity run more towards areas like organizing. And they do it beautifully. It seems to me that creativity in some form or another is just part of how we are made.

My creativity tends to run in seasons. In the colder months, I do things like sew or felt but right about now my brain switches over to gardening. I start thinking about dirt, compost (so beautiful, so creative) and seeds. I draw up garden plans. My search history starts showing things like companion planting and square foot garden plans. This year I won’t be doing that so much as we will be moving so I am just holding this in my memory.

Dreaming of a garden