I have been wanting to introduce this little friend for a while; our chalk table. I have seen other people use chalk board paint on a wall in their house and always thought it was such a great idea. But alas we are currently in a rental so not an option there. Then one day I was thinking that I wanted a little table for the girls to do art on and it struck me! I could cover the top with chalk board paint!
This little project cost about 10 dollars; two for the table and around 8 for the paint. We used a spray on chalk paint and did two coats after ‘roughing’ up the finish on the table a bit. It is great for drawing on with chalk while still being perfect for other art and such. I had thought about buying a child’s table before I saw this in the second hand store and knew it was perfect. It is actually an oversized coffee table and is also ideal for storing the toys under. There is plenty of room for multiple little ones to gather and ‘art’, then it turns into a perfect little snack or meal table!

Our latest fun; I "draw" pictures while telling a story (I use the term draw very loosely)

I walked into the living room and Cecily was sitting here drawing away and then erasing.

Drawing Circles